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Photo: Julie Dorion

Zooloo & The Seaweeds

 Juno award finalist and the recipient of multiple Lys Blues nominations.

2024 will mark a new stage for Zooloo & The Seaweeds. Once again demonstrating their full artistic potential during a new concerts series and a 6th album on the way, Zooloo and her musicians, The Seaweeds,  composed by Bob Corson on guitar, Pat Culley on bass and Rick Picard on drums.

A very talented band!

Let them seduce you!

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How all of this journey started

In 2012, Zooloo embarked on an ambitious project titled "Black Pearls." This groundbreaking album, currently in the studio recording process, explores the profound contributions of black people to occidental blues music. Celebrating their courage and resilience, "Black Pearls" takes listeners on a captivating journey through the rich history of blues, highlighting its roots and evolution from Africa to Mississippi.

Zooloo, with her extraordinary talent, wrote almost all the lyrics and co-signed almost every song of this new project which took almost 12 years of making.

At the end of 2023, Zooloo is ready to showcase her full artistic potential with her new songs and her new band: The Seaweed.

The band features the exceptional talents of Bob Corson on guitar, whose electrifying riffs add depth and texture to the music. Pat Culley on bass provides a solid and groovy foundation, while Rick Picard on drums drives the rhythm with his dynamic beats.

Together, Zooloo & The Seaweed promise an album that will be a heritage of blues, a journey from Africa to Mississippi, wrapped in a original sound, strong lyrics and solid music with the refreshing essence of the genre.  A solid, explosive and unforgettable musical experience is building between Zooloo & The Seaweeds.

They will definitely bring you with them in this new journey!

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New Album Coming Soon: 

Black Pearls

Black Pearls is the fruit of 12 years of work and explores the life, values, morals, and contribution of black people to occidental music. It is a true musical study of the deportation and slavery of black people, highlighting their courage and resilience. “Black Pearls” transports the listener through the different eras and influences of blues, and highlights instruments from Africa and occident, as well as the multiple nuances of this iconic musical blues gender.

Zooloo & The Seaweeds are versatiles and accomplished artists. Zooloo wrote and co-signed all titles and The Seaweeds are making this new album a reality.

Zooloo & The Seaweeds chose Anthony Gregoire as the Producer of this new international project. The well known  ethnomusicologist accepted and is now working with the team.


They are making fireworks! 

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