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Zooloo & The Seaweeds

The musical symbiosis around Zooloo.


The Seaweeds was formed to accompany the charismatic singer, writer and composer, Zooloo. Comprising extraordinary musicians, this formation has created a tangible symbiosis, delivering high-quality performances and bringing an optimal sonic dimension to Zooloo's enchanting songs.

This exceptional collaboration among these four talented human being brings a captivating energy and gives great live performances, bringing all songs to new levels, offering a musical journey that transcends the boundaries between Africa and New Orleans through a solid contemporary blues.


The band doesn't just play; they communicate musically and emotionally, adding an exceptional dimension to all songs but also to stage performances.


With Zooloo & The Seaweeds, each concert is a musical odyssey that exceeds expectations and invites the audience to dive into a captivating universe.

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The Band Members



The voice

She has been a professional singer for over 30 years. She has been nominated several times for the Lys Blues Awards for: singer of the year, discovery group of the year and for best album of the year. Her second album was also a Juno Award finalist. Her song "On the shoulder of love" reached the second position of the most played songs on the Australian Billboard, remaining on this chart for 11 consecutive weeks. She has also sold over 3.5 million downloads and streaming’s of her own music. In the past years, the singer has shared the stage with many international artists. She played all around Canada but also in Tunisia, New Orleans, France and Senegal. She has already released three albums and two collective albums, one in Australia and the other in the United States. In 2024, she will launch a new and magnificent album entitled: "Black Pearls", on which she has been working for more than 12 years. 


Pat Culley

The man with the bass

Pat Culley has held the position of bassist in Zooloo & The Seaweeds for the past two years. With over two decades of experience, he has contributed to several local classic rock bands. Partnered with his wife, Zooloo, Pat became an integral part of the group, not only sharing his passion for music and touring but also contributing to the distinctive blues-rock sound alongside his talented bandmates.

Pat is genuinely kind and dedicated. When it comes to making music, he is tirelessly committed and doesn't keep track of the hours invested in the creative process.


Rick Picard

The loudest guy in the band

Rick commenced his drumming journey in local rock bands on Prince Edward Island before embarking on a musical career with the Canadian Military Band. Over two decades, he toured extensively throughout Canada, the US, and Europe, participating in concerts and jazz performances. His rich experience paved the way for him to seamlessly integrate into the local music scene.

Sharing the stage with renowned figures in the music industry, Rick has collaborated with rock legends such as Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon, and the globally acclaimed DJ, Wolfman Jack.

Proficient in jazz, rock, and blues, Rick takes immense pleasure in witnessing the joy that music imparts to the audience. His diverse musical background and collaborations underscore his passion for delivering memorable performances across different styles.

Rick is a sensitive drummer who has a knack for infusing emotion into the way he delivers a song. The blues suits him perfectly.


Bob Corson

The guitar guy!

A seasoned guitarist since the tender age of twelve, Bob's musical journey has spanned across various rock, blues, and jazz bands. In 2006, he showcased his multifaceted talent by writing, recording, and releasing a captivating CD titled "Kick Back and Relax," with all proceeds dedicated to supporting a local charity.

An integral member of Zooloo and The Seaweeds since the end of 2023, Bob is on the brink of earning his Bachelor's Degree in Guitar Performance from The Berklee College of Music in 2024. His mastery of the guitar is evident through a robust and distinctive sound that sets him apart.

Beyond his musical prowess, Bob is known for his charismatic sense of humor, adding an extra dimension to his personality. As he continues to evolve as a musician and artist, Bob remains a dedicated contributor to the world of music, leaving an indelible mark with every note he plays.

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